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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to assist Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.

CDR Sample, Sample Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineers Australia

If you want to write your own Competency Demonstration Report (CDR Report) for immigration to Australia, it would be a good idea to obtain a well-prepared CDR sample and then use it to guide you throughout the process. Engineers Base Consultants has several sample CDR reports prepared specifically for this purpose.

You can order CDR samples for Various Occupations:
1. Sample CDR for Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Engineer and Production Engineer
2. CDR Sample for Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer.
3. CDR sample for Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer and Instrumentation Engineer.
4. Sample CDR for Medical and Bio-Medical Engineer
5. CDR Sample for Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer

Our CDR samples are availablet at a small fee.

Please note that the CDR samples provided by Engineers Base Consultants are only meant to offer guidance to engineers as they prepare their Competency Demonstration Reports. We understand that the content of these CDRs might have been copied by some of our past clients and included in CDRs already submitted  to Engineers Australia.
NB: To avoid plagiarism, please avoid copying the content of the CDR Samples.

Advice to Engineers who what to Migrate to Australia through the CDR pathway

Avoid Plagiarism in your CDR:
Do not use any CDR materials that you download or obtain from the internet directly. Use your own words and reasoning to prepare your Competency Demonstration Report. In case you need assistance, you can hire our experts to prepared a high-quality CDR that will be accepted by Engineers Australia. 

Note that CDR Requirements may change
Please note that CDR requirements by engineers Australia may change with time. It is therefore important to download the latest Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) Booklet and read through the requirements before proceeding. Note: Our CDR Samples are UP-TO-DATE.

- To order a complete CDR Report Sample, you only need 40 USD.

- To order one CDR Career Episode you need 15 USD

- To order a sample summary statement you will need 20 USD

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