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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to assist Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.
Our Prices
Dissertation and thesis editing and proofreading has never been this effective. At, we follow a systematic approach to review and edit your thesis or dissertation, thus converting it into a high quality piece of written research work. Our professional editors are experienced engineers and managers with a lot of knowledge in both academic and non-academic written work. Whether you have a dissertation, thesis or a workplace project report that you would like to polish before submission, we will be here to assist you. On top of our experience in professional editing and proofreading services, we use top-notch advanced software tools to check for plagiarism and other deficiencies.

In case you have submitted your dissertation or thesis and failed, don't be worried. We will review your paper and identify all its weaknesses before revising it accordingly. We will also take into consideration the comments of your assessors and the supervisor to fine-tune your thesis or dissertation so that you get a high mark. What you need to do is to gather all the information and bring it to us. We will then evaluate your research questions, research objectives, methodology and results before proceeding to align everything in accordance with your university requirements
How our professional editors work on your projects

Our professional editors follow a very strict approach to identify any flaws in your dissertation or thesis. In all our editing and proofreading projects, we follow the systematic reviewing process described below:

Step 1:
We start by reading through your thesis or dissertation to grasp the main research purpose and scope. During this preliminary stage, we might be able to note a few flaws in your thesis or dissertation.

Step 2
We check your thesis or dissertation for plagiarism to ensure that all plagiarized areas are identified and highlighted for editing. We then read the feedback from your supervisor if any, before embarking on the second reading of your dissertation or thesis. We group the comments per chapter and record what needs to be done to address the concerns put forward. If your thesis or dissertation has not been submitted for assessment, you can still provide your supervisor's comments based on your progress meetings. If you have no feedback, don’t worry. We are experts in this area and we will identify all the deficiencies in your thesis or dissertation during our second reading.

Step 3:
We review your dissertation again, but this time in a more comprehensive manner. We evaluate your research questions and objectives to establish whether they have been addressed satisfactorily. In some cases, we may suggest some modifications on the research objectives and/or research questions. We also evaluate the literature review content to ensure it is in line with the aim of the research.

Step 4:
To initiate the actual revision of research paper, we develop a dissertation or thesis tracking path for each research question or research objective. In this case, we track a research objective or question from the introduction to conclusion. Our main areas of interest in this case are the Methodology, Results and discussion. Any deficiencies identified in the literature review are usually addressed first before tracking the objectives.

Step 5
We then edit your project by modifying the areas of interest and any other area that may be affected by the modifications. We finally proofread your thesis/dissertation and correct all errors in spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Before handing over the dissertation to you, we use our advanced grammar and spelling checking software tools to check through the project. We also run a plagiarism check once again to ensure that your thesis is free of plagiarism. Usually, the last two steps are carried out by our QA senior editors.

Step 6:
After we handover your project, we will give you one week to give us your feedback. In case you would want us to revise your thesis further, you can send us a revision request. However, in most cases our work is executed as the final revision and therefore we rarely receive revision requests from our clients.
The Standard Dissertation Format also known as Dissertation Structure

Dissertation format or dissertation structure is a framework that shows the layout and order of different chapters and sub-chapters in the main body. A typical dissertation consists of more than five chapters depending on the subject and university requirements. A standard dissertation format or structure consists of six main chapters and a varying number of sub-chapters or subheadings in each chapter. The standard dissertation structure may therefore include the following: the Introduction chapter, the Literature Review chapter, the Methodology chapter, the Results chapter, the Discussions chapter, and the Conclusions & recommendations chapter. A brief description of the six chapters has been presented below:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Describes the study background, states the study purpose and aim, enumerates study objectives, states the research question(s) and discusses the rational for the research.
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Reviews published peer reviewed research work and presents a critical evaluation of the findings in a systematic manner.
Chapter 3:  Methodology
Explains the research methods utilized by the researcher to collect and analyze research data. The chapter also explains the methodological limitations of the research and ethical considerations made by the researcher.
Chapter 4: Results
Basically, this chapter presents the raw and analyzed data using appropriate methods of data presentation.
Chapter 5: Discussions
Attempts to discuss the newly obtained findings by relating them to the past findings covered in the literature review.
Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations
Gives concluding remarks and recommendations based on the new findings
Scope of our Editing and Proofreading Services

We are a team of engineers, but some of us have additional qualifications in the areas of project and business management. Since our first priority is quality, our editing and proofreading services are limited to the fields of engineering and management. We really apologize for not being at a position to assist customers whose projects fall outside our scope of service.
Also, we don't offer writing services because our experts are always loaded with high volumes of proofreading and editing projects that we receive. We would have wanted to help you to prepare your dissertation or thesis from scratch, but it seems difficult since we have to assist those who have failed, and who want to submit their dissertations and thesis. From the cases we keep on receiving every day, it seems that there are multiple online companies that are out to mess up with serious Masters and Doctoral students by providing substandard research papers. 
Why students who use our service score high in their Masters and PhD theses and dissertations

We have been there, so we know what it takes to win the approval of a panel of examiners. We will streamline your dissertation so that the examiners will have no option other than giving you a high score. However, we can only guarantee this for orders that have been specified as ‘Major editing and proofreading’. 

Professional Editing and Proofreading Services - Dissertations and Theses

Before sending an order request to us, please check through our prices below and make an informed decision. Our prices are applicable per double spaced page of approximately 300 words. To determine the approximate number of pages, divide your aggregate word count by 300 and ignore the value after the decimal point. The word count will be indicated at the bottom left corner of your word document.

There are no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay.. We will not tell you to pay $5/page then ask you to add $10 to get quick support, $15 to have your paper assigned to the top 10 writers and such crap!. All orders will be treated with equal weight in terms of quality.

1. Proofreading only
Includes minor plagiarism removal....10  USD/Page

2. Editing and proofreading:
If you want your project to be of the highest quality, select option C (major editing plus proofreading).

(A) Minor editing plus proofreading.....15 USD/page
(B) Medium editing plus proofreading .20USD/page
(C) Major editing plus proofreading.....30USD/page

3. Plagiarism removal by percentage of plagiarized content
The percentage plagiarism is dependent on the sensitivity settings of the checker. The percentages are based on our plagiarism checker settings.  Your paper will also be proofread.

(A) Below 10% …………...............10  USD/Page
(B) 11%-15%...............................15  USD/Page
(C) 16%-20% ……........................20  USD/Page
(D) 20%-30%...............................25  USD/Page
(E) Above 30% ………..................30  USD/Page

Although we will ask you to state some of the above order categories, our prices will be based on the category assigned to your project by the reviewing editor. If your project is 50 pages and above, we will give you a discount.

Why Choose Us to Edit and Proofread your Thesis or Dissertation?

We value quality and professionalism. We always aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and that is why our customers always come back to us. Our business model is not based on a ‘money first’ policy; it is based on a ‘work first’ policy. We will only ask you to pay when your project has been scheduled. We will not keep you on waiting as we look for someone to work on your project. In case all our professional editors are occupied, we will let you know so that you know what to do if it’s an urgent case. However, we will always try our best to ensure that we assist you.

Our Quality Assurance team is always alert to check the quality of completed work. Unlike Essay Writing Companies that allow any writer to write and edit your thesis or dissertation, our experts will only work on projects that fall within their areas of specialization. We strictly observe the quality of your dissertation or thesis and therefore we don't rush to complete your project. In case your dissertation or thesis cannot be edited within the remaining time, we will always inform you so that we arrange for a new delivery date. However, we will always ensure that your project is completed within the recommended deadline.

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