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We are supposed to demonstrate a set of competencies based on 5 years of work experience. This may be distributed within a maximum period of 7 years from the day the NER application is lodged.


Key Documents to be Prepared


  • Work Experience Statement (WES) – This is the main document

  • Acquired competence worksheet – Supporting document

  • CPD record


We prefer using at least 3 engineering projects (if available) to prepare the Work Experience Statement and the acquired competence worksheet. Please note that for huge projects that take longer to complete, fewer projects can be used. The main requirement is to cover at least 5 years of work experience. Since applicants’ profiles are unique, we review each case in isolation before suggesting the best approach.


Read more details about the National Engineering Register, NER

NER Service Options

We have two NER Service Packages available to our clients, namely NER Option B and NER Option C.


NER Option B: Requirements


This involves the preparation of new NER documents from scratch. Under this option, you will be required to provide information by:


  • Submitting your CV for review

  • Providing project materials in your possession, including reports, drawings, calculation sheets, photos, etc. You will be guided on this aspect after order placement.

  • Filling the CPD sheet

  • Answering our questionnaires where applicable


Charges for NER Option B:

900 USD, payable in 4 instalments

NER Option C: Requirements

This is for clients who have already prepared their NER documents but need review. For this option, you will be required to send your NER documents for review. The reviewer will determine the amount of revision required to achieve 100% compliance with EA requirements and the corresponding charges.

Charges for NER Option C

From 400 USD – 700 USD