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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to give guidance to Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.
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CDR Service Overview

In our CDR Service (Stage 1 Competency Assessment) we offer professional assistance to engineers who want to apply or have applied (but failed) for Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia. We assist them by preparing Customized Competency Demonstration Reports (CDRs) in different fields of engineering. Our experience in engineering and CDR report preparation will guarantee you a high-quality Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) that suits your needs.

We also offer assistance to Professional Engineers registering for Stage 2 Assessment [Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)] with Engineers Australia. We offer assistance in all competency assessment pathways including ECR (Engineering Competency Report), PDP (Professional Development Program) and MEE (Mature Experienced Engineer) Pathways.
To order your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR for Engineers Australia), SELECT your CDR Option HERE, Check the Prices on the same page, and then click the 'SEND ORDER REQUEST' button to fill the Request Form and initiate the ordering process.
How to Order your CDR

STAGE 1: Preparation of Competency Demonstration Report, CDR for Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia

This service is for professional engineers who want to migrate to Australia and therefore have to pass through Migration Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia. If your engineering competency assessment falls in this category, we will be ready to assist you to prepare and write your Competency Demonstration Report for immigration to Australia.

Whether you want us to prepare your Competency Demonstration Report, CDR from scratch or you want us to review and revise your CDR report to ensure that it fully conforms to Engineers Australia migration requirements, you are in the right place. 

We are experienced mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, and therefore you don't have to worry in case you have not worked on three technical projects that can be used to develop 3 Career Episodes and the Summary Statement for your Competency Demonstration Report, CDR. If you want to migrate to Australia, just bring what you have to us and relax as we prepare your Australian Immigration CDR report. We will develop good engineering projects and write custom Career Episodes for your CDR report in line with your past employment and education.

Competency Demonstration Report, CDR for Engineers Australia (EA) - Stage 1 and 2

CDR Reports for different engineering fields

Whichever your CDR choice, Engineers Base Consultants will help you to prepare your Competency Demonstration Report, CDR for all engineering fields NOT limited to:

1.   Mechanical Engineer CDR report
2.   Electrical & Electronics engineer CDR report
3.   Civil Engineer CDR report

The above CDR report categories are very broad and therefore can be broken into Mechanical engineer building services CDR report, manufacturing Engineer CDR report, Mechatronic engineer CDR report, Automotive Engineer CDR report, Aerospace Engineer CDR report, Structural Engineer CDR report, Highway Engineer CDR report, Electrical Engineer CDR report, Electronics engineer CDR report among others.

Your CDR report will be assigned to an experienced engineer in your occupation category to optimize the end results. In addition, we deploy a strict Quality Assurance Model in our CDR service.

Why Choose Us for your CDR?

At EngineersBase.com we just don't write your CDR report, we prepare your CDR report. We take a lot of time to prepare your Competency Demonstration Report, CDR by evaluating your projects and the provided details against the requirements set by Engineers Australia for Australian immigration competency demonstration reports (CDRs).  In case we notice any deficiency, we will contact you if necessary, because final CDR report has to pass the assessment by Engineers Australia.

We write your CDR report when everything has been perfectly aligned with the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) guidelines. Writing is therefore the last thing that we do for your Australia Immigration CDR report. 

We receive multiple CDR reports that were submitted for skills assessment and rejected by Engineers Australia because someone without technical knowledge and engineering skills was hired to write them.

Here, your CDR report will be prepared to the highest quality and in full compliance with Australian immigration standards  set by engineers Australia
As expert engineers, we understand the importance of CDR report to our clients. Therefore we handle each competency demonstration report,CDR with utmost care. Most of us have worked as engineers in Australia and the UK and we know that CDR report requirements for engineers Australia are fairly strict. In addition:

(a) We take time to prepare your CDR report; we don't rush to complete your CDR report for immigration to Australia without considering Quality

(b) We prepare your Competency Demonstration Report or CDR report in accordance with Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment rules

(c) We are experienced engineers and therefore have the engineering skills and knowledge required to prepare your CDR report.

(d) We believe in professionalism and quality as a business strategy; hence we provide high quality CDR reports to our clients.

(f) We value your money: our high quality Competency Demonstration Reports or simply CDR reports for immigration to Australia, will prove this to you.
Why no Competency Demonstration Report (CDR Report) has ever been rejected by Engineers Australia from our service
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