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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to give guidance to Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.
The prices for CDR option C will vary depending on the requirements.
CDR option C (Reviewing  fee is payable)
1) Minor editing: ....250 USD (now 150 USD)

2) Medium editing:..400 USD
(now 300 USD)

3) Major editing: .....500 USD
(now 400 USD)

To know the category your CDR and the amount payable, you will be required to send your CDR for a review by our QA officer.

Note: A
40 USD reviewing fee is payable, but this will be counted as part of the above charges. You may use the comprehensive reviewers feedback to revise your CDR or hire our team to do it for you. If the reviewer finds minimal deficiencies, he/she may recommend that you do the revision by yourself and send back the revised CDR for another review. The 2nd review will be free, but other reviews 3rd, 4th etc will be charged 20 USD each.
CDR option A is for clients who have three engineering projects that can be used to prepare three career episodes and a summary statement. The three engineering projects should be able to fulfill all the competency elements listed in the EA’s summary statement template. Don't worry about this requirement as we will be here to help you.

You will be required to provide us with the details of the project by filling three CDR sheets that will be provided to you. Below is a summary of the requirements.

a)Three CDR sheets filled by you
b)Most recent CV (can be a rough copy)
c)CPD form (will be provided to you)
d)Other supporting documents (this includes any document that you think can add value to your CDR)
Notice Area - Please Read
We would like to inform our Clients that the Order Registration Process is now OPEN
. The process will be CLOSED as soon as the available order slots have been depleted. Projected closure date: 27th of September 2020.

You can use the Service Booking option to place a Pre-Order. We will initiate your project on the agreed date, provided that the Order Registration Process is OPEN
. To book the service, fill the ORF form and select the option "I want to book for the service (pre-order)

C19-OFFER: We are giving an offer to compensate for the effects of COVID19. See the Details HERE.
Please note that a career episode can be prepared from both workplace projects and/or academic projects. So you may select your final year project at the university and two other projects from your workplace project list.
CDR Option A
CDR option B is for clients who have no engineering projects that can be used to prepare three acceptable career episodes. This option is also good for clients who have worked on projects but have no time to fill the provided CDR forms.
When you select CDR option B, the entire duty of preparing and writing your CDR package is transferred to us. We will use your recommendations (if provided) to develop engineering projects and career episodes that are in line with your career.

a) Your recommendations - we will send you a short CDR template to include your recommendations
b)   Most recent copy of your CV/resume (it can be a rough copy)
c)    CPD- activities (we will send you a table to enter your CPD activities)
CDR option C is for clients who want us to review and/or revise their already prepared CDRs. You may have prepared the CDR yourself or ordered your CDR from another company. If you have submitted your CDR and failed, CDR option C will be good for you. Our experts will evaluate your CDR and edit it to meet all EA’s requirements. Please note that we may ask you to provide extra information in case we realize that the technical content of your CDR is deficient. We do not take chances and therefore we cannot approve your CDR knowing that it will be rejected by Engineers Australia.

a)   Complete CDR package
b)  Feedback from your assessor in case you had submitted your CDR

CDR Options - Descriptions and Requirements

At EngineersBase.com, we offer five CDR options to our clients: these are CDR Option A, CDR Option B, CDR Option C, CDR Option D (Do It Yourself) and Mixed Package which is a combination of any of the other options exluding Option D.
Select your Preferred CDR Option, Check Prices and Send your Order Request
The Master CDR Package includes three career episodes, Summary Statement and CPD. Note that you will save up to 150 USD by purchasing the Master Package instead of separate items. If this is your choice, you can proceed to send an order request. You can make changes later if need be.
CDR option A
Career Episode ..............200 USD (now 150 USD)
Summary Statement ......250 USD (
now 200 USD)
Master CDR Package .....700 USD (
now 500 USD)
CDR option B
Career Episode:............ 320 USD (now 250 USD)
Summary Statement......250 USD
(now 200USD)
Master CDR Package...1100 USD
(now 800 USD)
Master CDR Package comprises of three career episodes, the summary statement CPD. You will save over 150 USD by purchasing the Master CDR Package Option B instead of individual items. If this is your choice, you can proceed to send an order request. You can make changes later if need be.

CDR Help

Pricing: CDR Services
CDR Option B
CDR Option C
Important: We can also assist you to prepare your  CV at 100 USD. Our CV template is also available for free to our clients. You can use it to prepare your CV and save the 100 USD.
We have decided to introduce this Option to help clients who have:

1. Sufficient time (probably a few months) and would like to take the challenge to prepare their CDRs,
2. Good engineering projects and a masterly of English language.
3. Experience in writing original plagiarism free work.

In  this service package, the client is guided by to write three Career Episodes, the Summary statement and CPD. After preparation of each document by the client, the reviewer checks it and gives a feedback from which the client can do the necessary revisions. The final CDR revised by the client will also be checked by the QA Team before being approved for submission to EA. After placing your order, you will have access to the following services: (a) A free complete CDR Sample (b) Four reviews & feedbacks per document (c) Final QA review and approval (d) Expert answers to unlimited number of questions.
Introducing CDR Option D  - (Do It Yourself )
CDR option D (Do It Yourself)
A complete CDR Option D package will be charged 250 USD, payable in two installments: 150USD and 100 USD..