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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to assist Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.

How do we assist our Clients to prepare flawless Competency Demonstration Reports, CDRs?

All the documents need to be harmonized for a CDR to pass through the assessment process successfully. In addition, the career episodes and the summary statement need to show a high level of competency for your CDR application to be accepted by the EA. The most important items of the CDR are the career episodes, summary statement, resume and the CPD as they constitute the supporting structure of the CDR application.  As such, preparing these documents may be a great challenge to applicants, since they may have minimal skills and knowledge in CDR preparation and writing. We are expert engineers, highly experienced in the CDR preparation process and therefore we can guide you through the entire process. 

Engineers Base Consultants will assist you in preparing polished career episodes, summary statement, resume and CPD.  Other CDR items can easily be obtained by you. However, in case you face any difficulties while compiling other CDR documents you can consult us. Please note that we are not a Migration Agent and therefore we can only give you advice on what to do. To get full assistance in executing the CDR application process you can seek the services of a credible and registered migration agent. Your agent will take the documents and process the CDR application for you. 

A complete CDR package prepared by us consists of three customized career episodes, a summary statement that cross-references the three career episodes, an updated resume and CPD.  Typically, a career episode consists of four main sections, namely the Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering activity and the Summary. Each of the sections has a word limit based on the recommendations stated in the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet. Our CDR packages are comprehensive and detailed and this is why none of our past CDRs has ever been rejected.
We noted that some engineers have ready projects that can be used to prepare three career episodes, while others have no projects due to the nature of their job roles. Also, others have only completed their engineering degrees and would want to prepare a CDR that can pass EA’s assessment. We also noted that some engineers had already applied for CDR assessment by Engineers Australia and failed. They would therefore want their CDRs to be revised properly before re-submission. We also decided not to leave out those who have already prepared their CDRs personally or through another service, but would want us to review and revise their CDRs to fully meet EA’s requirements. Having gained vast experience in CDR preparation and writing, we have developed three CDR options to meet the above needs of our clients. These are CDR Option A, CDR Option B and CDR Option C.

You will select CDR Option A if you have 3 ready projects that can be used to prepare 3 career episodes for your CDR. In case you don't have ready projects for your CDR, you will be required to choose CDR Option B. Finally, CDR Option C is for clients who what us to review and revise their CDRs. For more details go to CDR Preparation and Writing service.

The process of preparing a CDR package for migration skills assessment by Engineers Australia is highly demanding. We therefore follow specific procedures to ensure that all the competency elements stipulated under the MSA guidelines are met.  Since your CDR must be in line with your career line, we will ask you to provide us with specific information. To simplify the process, we have prepared three CDR sheets that you will fill and return to us depending on the CDR Option selected. In case you have selected CDR Option B, you will only give us your recommendations for each Career Episode. This will help us to know what type of project to develop for you.

Finally, if you select CDR Option C, you will not be required to fill the CDR sheets. However, you may be required to provide additional information in case we notice that what you have provided cannot meet EA’s requirements. Our main goal is to have your CDR pass EA’s assessment .

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