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Engineers Base Consultants is an independent Company and does not have any relationship with Engineers Australia (EA). CDR preparation is one of our services, only meant to assist Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and have no/limited knowledge in CDR preparation.
Engineers Australia always want to ensure that only competent engineers migrates to Australia. To ensure this, Engineers Australia have set immigration requirements stipulated in the migration skills assessment booklet 2016 version available on the EA's Website. The following are the main requirements of a Competency Demonstration  Report or CDR report as per Engineers Australia.

1.  Your personal details including birth certificate, passport bio-data among others
2.  An updated copy of your Resume showing details of employment and education
3.  Evidence of competency in English language (test results for IELTS)
4. Educational qualification and/or enrollment certificates, academic transcripts or other documents
5. Employment documentary evidence
6. Three career episodes
7. Summary statement
8. Continuing Professional development (CPD)

Note that the above requirements are provided for guidance only. We strongly advise that you visit Engineers Australia website to fully understand the CDR process and the requirements of a CDR report for migration to Australia.

You may have noticed that most of the requirements of a competency demonstration report for immigration to Australia are based on legal and employment information. The hardest parts of a competency demonstration report, CDR for engineers Australia are Career episodes and the Summary statement. Your CDR report should be based on three practical engineering projects one per career episode. The quality of your CDR report is dependent on how well it meets migration skills assessment requirements set by engineers Australia. The summary statement cross-references the three career episodes of your CDR report. If your career episodes are deficient, your summary statement automatically becomes deficient, hence your entire CDR report. Care should therefore be taken when preparing the three career episodes for your Australian immigration competency demonstration report (CDR report).

What are the requirements of a Competency Demonstration  Report, CDR Report?


What is a Competency Demonstration Report or CDR for Engineers Australia?

A Competency Demonstration Report or simply, CDR report is a combination of customized documents meant to demonstrate the competency of your engineering skills and English language to the Institution of Engineers Australia. All engineers interested in migrating to Australia to work there have to provide a full CDR report to Engineers Australia for assessment. However, exceptions may be allowed by Engineer Australia to engineers who are accredited by engineering bodies recognized by the Institution of Engineers Australia.

It is always important for engineers who want to migrate to Australia to ensure that their CDR reports are in full compliance with Migration Skills Assessment requirements for Engineers Australia. In case your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR report) fails to meet all engineering competency assessment elements stated by Engineers Australia in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet, your CDR application will be suspended (usually for 11 months) leaving you with no chance to migrate to Australia until the end of suspension period.
Though the process of preparing a CDR report for Immigration to Australia is lengthy, Engineers Australia has clearly stated the required engineering competency assessment elements in the booklet, Migration Skills Assessment. While some engineers opt to prepare their own CDR report, others don't want to take the risk. In addition, the process of preparing and writing a CDR report for immigration to Australia can be hectic and time consuming. This is why some engineers opt to hire the services of CDR experts. Engineers Base Consultants consists of a team of CDR experts that can help you to prepare a perfect Competency Demonstration Report commonly known as CDR report that fully conforms to Australian Migration Skills requirements put forward by Engineers Australia.
Why many CDR reports are rejected by Engineers Australia

Usually Engineers Australia reject CDRs because of failure to address all engineering competency elements stipulated under the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) requirements. The custom career episodes for your CDR report should satisfy all the competency requirements stated by Engineers Australia in the Summary Statement template. 

Please note that a new Summary Statement template was released by Engineers Australia in 2015 and therefore all Competency Demonstration reports (CDRs) need to follow the new requirements. Since the MSA requirements keep changing, it is important that the applicant confirms all the requirements during the time of application rather than relying on past CDR report requirements. However, if hire our CDR services, we will take care of that from our end.
Can I prepare my CDR Report?

Yes, you can prepare your CDR report provided you are familiar with CDR report requirements. To  prepare a fully compliant Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia, you should have worked on at least three engineering projects. The process of preparing and writing a CDR report for immigration to Australia is highly involving; it not only requires the three projects, but also a clear understanding of the migration skills assessment criteria set by Engineers Australia. This is why most of the engineers who choose to write their own CDR reports find themselves in problems when their CDR reports are rejected by Engineers Australia due to failure to meet engineering competency requirements stated in the migration skills assessment booklet. For engineers who have the projects and are very familiar with CDR report requirements, it is advisable to prepare your CDR documents by yourself. Otherwise, you may need to consult an expert as It is not worth the risk.

Engineers Base Consultants will help you to produce a high quality CDR report that will be accepted by Engineers Australia. In case you feel that you have sufficient time and the background knowledge on CDR preparation, we can guide you through the process at a small fee (about 200 USD).
You can use the contact us form to make your request or send us an email to cdr@engineersbase.com.
Engineers who want to migrate to Australia may have different questions concerning Competency Demonstration Report, or CDR Report. As experts in preparation of CDR for Engineers Australia, we have provided answers to some of the questions. The first question that rings in the mind of an engineer interested in migrating to Australia is 'What is a competency demonstration report or CDR report for Engineers Australia?'. It is after knowing what a competency demonstration report or CDR for Engineers Australia is, when one starts researching the requirements of a CDR report. An intelligent engineer may also want to know why many CDR reports submitted for Migration skills assessment are rejected by Engineers Australia. It is always wise to learn from the mistakes of others instead of your own, because in this case it can be costly. In some cases, you may feel that you want to prepare your CDR report without external assistance. This is just a summary, below is a list of common questions about  Competency Demonstration Report, or CDR Report for immigration to Australia. Click each of the questions in the PAGE MENU below to see the details.

Common Questions about Competency Demonstration Report, CDR for immigration to australlia